Being a parent means having a lot of responsibilities. You have to give your children the basic life lessons that we were all taught by our parents to hope they grow up to be healthy, kind and well mannered adults. That means teaching them manners, making them understand the concept of right and wrong, teaching them how to read, and being nice to others. Children also get basic and advanced life skills from their teachers. Whether your kids go to private schools or study English at Canada public schools they will be taught a variety of skills from a wide range of teachers throughout their school lives.

During the course of your children's education you will be asked to be quite involved and take on an active role within the school. Even if you'd rather spend the night at home, you have to do it for the sake of the kids. One event that you will be asked to attend every year, and that is in the your family's best interest is the parent teacher meetings.

Parent teacher meetings are essential to the well being of students because it allows for you to get to know your son or daughter's teacher better while also getting a bit of insight into how they are handling the material they are being taught as well as insight in to the way they interact with their peers.

Parent teacher meetings are also beneficial for the teacher as they get a peek behind the curtain to see what type of an environment your son or daughter is growing up in and that allows them to figure out if they come from a good home or not or whether or not they might need some extra special attention.

The communication that you and your son or daughter's teacher will have during the course of a parent teacher meeting will give each party a chance to let the other know whether or not there are any problems that need to be discussed, either at school or at your Liberty Village home.

If you think there's too much homework being given each night then you can express that concern. If the teacher is worried that your son or daughter doesn't quite grasp the concept of sharing they might ask what happens in your home when you ask them to share anything. Eventually you'll come up with ideas that will help make your son or daughter a better person and aid them with their personal or educational life.

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