The Miriam-Webster online dictionary defines the word "community" as follows: "a unified body of individuals." Does that definition truly allow us to understand what the word "community" actually means? If you want the ho-hum community definition then you have it and you can stop reading. If you want to know more about the word "community" then keep reading.

Communities are groups of people who live in the same area who are always willing to help those in need or make their surroundings a much better place to live in. Various neighborhoods, villages and small towns are considered communities. A close-knit group of co-workers can also be considered a community. A school, the teachers that teach at it, the students that learn in it, all the volunteers such as crossing guards or lunch supervisors, the cleaning staff who make it a spotless place to walk the halls in; make up another community.

The home you live in and your neighbors is also considered a community. You all work together to make sure the streets are clean, the area is safe for your kids to play in, and that the nearby parks are clear of any dangerous elements. That's what people in a community do. Communities are defined by the selfless acts of those in the community to make sure that the needs of the community are met before the needs of their own.

The saying goes, "you're only as strong as your weakest link." People in the community take that saying to heart and make sure that there are no weak links; that everybody's treated the same and that all individuals in the community are able to live normal, happy, and safe lives.

A community definition that comes directly from the dictionary doesn't tell you the complete story of the word community. It doesn't mention all the things communities do to watch out for each other or the events they put on to get people in the community together, either to fight a cause or to just celebrate the wonderful community their homes are located in. You can find communities pretty much anywhere you live; down the street, in city hall, charitable organizations, the workplace, schools, volunteer centers, etc. The word community doesn't have to be limited to location, since a community can be pretty much anywhere in the world. It's the togetherness of those in the community that matters the most.

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