It can be a big disappointment to make it through closing only to find that your new home closing costs have left you with less in the bank than you thought you would have, meaning your grand plans for decorating the place have received a serious blow. However, you shouldn't give up on your decorating plans just because your budget is smaller than you anticipated. There are ways around a high cost, and we can help to point you in the right direction. Read on to become versed in the ways of budget design.

If your budget is only slightly affected, all you have to do is shop the sales instead of forking over whatever ridiculous amount the trendy decorating stores want for the wall decor you had your eye on. Search online and in flyers for discount days and coupons. Trawl the clearance sections, and if necessary, wait until the newest and trendiest items become last season's merchandise so you can get them at a discount. You may even be able to negotiate with a shop owner over the price of an item. The owners at Wheels Auto for example, tell us that they mark the big promotions using various dealership marketing techniques in a marked section so clients that are looking to save some money, know where the bargains are.

Savvy homeowners, especially ones who have just overspent on new real estate know that the best deals on new items don't come from the trendy overpriced shops or even from department stores. They come from outlet malls and discount retailers. Search stores like Winners and TJ Maxx for trendy items at discounted prices which lack the high end retailer's markup. Many will be the same brands but some may be imitations or knockoffs that merely look like the real thing.

If your recent purchase put a really big dent in your budget, you may have to give up on the idea of buying new at all and start looking for items that you can get secondhand. There are hundreds of places you can look, from Ebay to Craigslist and Kijiji, from the Salvation Army Thrift Store to Value Village pawnshops and your local secondhand retailer. Leave no stone unturned and if you don't find anything suitable, post an ad or let the shopkeeper know to keep an eye out for what you want and give you a call if it comes in.

When your purchase has completely wiped out your decorating budget, you may think your only option is to go into debt or wait to decorate, but you're wrong. You can get a surprising amount of decor for free if you know where to look. Check Craigslist and Kijiji for giveaways, drive around on heavy garbage day looking for things to pick up, and dig through the unwanted stuff stored in the basements and attics of friends and family to find great decor that's completely free

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