p>Studying and working can be hard enough without having distractions around you to take you out of your thought train or focus. There's a reason why teachers and employers recommend to their students that instead of studying or catching up with work at home, where they have easy access to distractions such as the TV, Internet or video games; that they take instead take their work to a quiet area. Such as a library.

The reason why is because in a quiet area you can be more focused on studying because the number of distractions are much less than what they would find in a communal space. We know how difficult it can be to study when right beside you is a TV waiting to be turned on that will lead you to stop studying and that's why we've come up with some tips that will have you limiting distractions when attempting to get work done.

The tips we're about to go over aren't just for studying and working and can also be used to limit distractions at work. The first tip we have is to let others know you need some quiet time and to not interrupt you or if they do need to interrupt you for an important reason that you create a signal that they can relay to you that will get your attention. When you're in heavy duty study or work mode simply close the door you're located in and that should signal to anybody in your library, school or home office that you are to not be disturbed and let them know that knocking only for urgent matters will be allowed.

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Noise can easily distract people and something like a TV in the background or dogs barking can turn a quiet study session into an all night dog petting or TV watching marathon. You don't want that to happen to you and a simple solution is to put on headphones that don't play music that will have you singing instead of studying. Podcasts can be great motivation as the constant talking keeps you engaged in what you're listening to but not enough to overtake you from studying or working in your North York houses.

The final tip we have for you that will limit distractions is when studying or working is to focus on one thing at a time and not be tempted to multi-task. Don't spread yourself thin and work on three reports or study for two tests at the same time. Instead just pick one at a time and put all your energy into that particular test or report. Multi-tasking can lead to a lack of focus and stress you out because you're trying to do too much at once. Just take it easy and go from one project to the next.

If you can limit the distractions around you it will play a huge role in whether or not you get all your work projects or studying done. Good luck!

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