One of the things that people are looking for in a neighborhood when they are moving is a place where they can feel safe and secure. If you're living in an apartment than you might want to live in a building with key entry or a security guard at the door. Those living in the suburbs or a smaller community might want to look at homes that are part of the Block Parent program. This is a great initiative for those that have kids but is something that could help everyone in the neighborhood to feel a little more secure at home.

The Block Parent Program has been around for forty years and is meant to provide quick assistance to those in need and offer educational safety programs to participating communities. If you're living in a suburban neighborhood for example, within this program than there will be a network of homes with Block Parent signs in the windows. If your child is around one of these properties when they are feeling scared, are hurt, or are being bullied they can feel safe going up to the door and asking for help. The volunteers living in the home are trained to know exactly what to do and who to call.

Sign you will see in the window of a Block Parent home

The Block Parent Program is also there to teach the members of the community about simple things that they can do to make their neighborhood safer for those living there. All of the people who are looking to be volunteers need to go through a police screening process and the program hopes that every neighborhood will one day have at least a few Block Parents on each street. Block Parents are not meant to intervene in matters that would normally be taken care of by the police or give first aid. They are just there to help when someone cannot contact the authorities on their own or feel unsafe.

This program started in 1968 in London, Ontario and has since grown to be a part of many major cities throughout the country. London business owners (such as Uptown Yonge Dental) are very proud of the program and the positive influence it has had within their city. It is even spreading to other countries like Belgium. This is recognized internationally as a great program that is putting children and community safety first. If you're looking at real estate than you might want to check to see which communities are offering this program. This program has been shown to reduce criminal activities and is a visual reminder for people living in the neighbourhoods to be more aware of what is happening in their area. You will find it in more in local communities and in Europe and elsewhere throughout the years.

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